Welcome to Raven's Haven!!!

We raise LaMancha and Nubian dairy goats on our family farm in Bremen, Georgia.  We began our
venture into dairy goats in 2003. We strive to raise structurally correct animals with beautiful,
well-attached mammary systems, and can and do live long productive lives. Our genetics include
Glen-Mythos, South-Fork, Winterwood's, Kismet,
Imani and Foxwood.

In 2008, we decided to focus more on the LaManchas and kept
only a few select Nubians. We participate in DHIR, Linear Appraisal
and we show at the local level and Nationals when it is in our area.  In 2010 we added Toggenburgs for our son, Mason. They have definitely earned a permanent spot in the herd with their wonderful, sweet attitudes and their will to milk lots!

All of our kids are removed immediately at birth and raised on a
CAE-prevention program of heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized
goat milk. We utilize a free-choice milk feeding program. The
kids are given top-quality perennial peanut hay and/or alfalfa hay, with an 18% medicated pellet. The milkers are given a 16% dairy goat ration along with free-choice grass hay, peanut hay  and/or alfalfa hay. We do maintain a strict coccidia program
 and vaccinate with CD&T, Lysigin and give Bo-Se on a regular basis.
We also give copper boluses to kids, milkers and bucks annually.
All of our animals are routinely tested for CAE and we have never had CL in the herd.

We are very proud of our herd and what we have accomplished. We hope you enjoy your
visit to our website. If you have any questions or would like to reserve a 2014 kid, please
contact us at ampdga@yahoo.com

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Autumn, JJ, Raven and Mason


Raven's Haven Dairy Goats
Autumn, JJ, Raven and Mason Eidsen
680 Bell Rd.
Bremen, GA  30110
Phone: 770-537-2778


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